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I do not have a political bio to enter here, so I will help you to get to know me as a person, your neighbor. I am not a trained politician, and as of just last year I would have NEVER thought I would be stepping up to be a part of our government. I have been an undeclared party member the whole time I have lived in New Hampshire up until May of this year when I officially registered to be Republican to run for office and had to register with the party who represents closest to what I stand for. My values lean toward constitutional conservative republican but on paper I have been reluctant to box myself into a narrow category and like the freedom of the undeclared/independent status. I have proudly supported local liberty activism by being a co-founder of and where my goal is to unite individuals in positive community projects.

 I hope you will support me in my efforts to keep the Constitution alive and well in NH. If the Constitution is respected and obeyed our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will be realized.

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Kristen and her husband Dan met back in 2000 as coworkers at a movie theater.
They got married 10 years later on their favorite holiday, Halloween.
(And, yes, this means they have a great excuse to decorate for Halloween!  You may have noticed their house every fall. Come on by and Trick or Treat for their anniversary!)

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Kristen Jackson and her husband Dan lived in Massachusetts and were very careful about where they would purchase their home. After years of searching, they found their perfect landing spot 62 miles north in historic Concord, NH in a very cool old house built in 1840. They finally had their own porch to decorate, wonderful reliable neighbors and a never ending DIY home improvement list to keep them busy. . . oh and there was already a catio for their 4 cats built into the back of the house. . it was meant to be!

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Trusted School Bus Driver since 2017

If you have stopped for a bus to let kids get on or off around Concord you've probably seen Kristen Jackson in the drivers seat giving you a wave. Kristen takes pride in her work and fantastic driving record and is safe and reliable at all times. She is the ultimate multitasker working with people of all ages. Bus driving requires someone who can field questions from kids, remind others of the safety rules of the bus all while skillfully maneuvering through the streets following all the rules and regulations and being courteous to fellow drivers. She gets rave reviews from parents, kids and school staff.

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Is there a better way to get to know someone these days?

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