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Kristen Jackson supports individual freedom, limited government and human dignity. By preserving these ideals, we will maintain the goodness of New Hampshire and continue to be the beacon of Freedom the rest of the country sees us as.

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Health Freedom has impacted so many people in New Hampshire, especially over the past 2 years. There were drastic consequences from forcing medical decisions on people. Force is NOT the New Hampshire way. Kristen Jackson will fight mandates and allow freedom of choice. YOU make the decision for your family if you want to participate in experimental injection trials or wear a mask. YOU should also have easy access to the medicines that are available all over the world. Kristen Jackson will fight to eliminate mandates that restrict health freedom.


Manipulating votes takes away our democracy and our voices. Election Integrity is the foundation of our country. Besides volunteering as a poll challenger with the GOP, Kristen Jackson has been working with multiple Election Integrity groups in NH to improve the vote counting issues that have become so apparent lately. NH is not so large that we can't hand count our ballots on election night and that is what Kristen believes needs to happen. Voter ID and ONE DAY voting with a hand count will solve many of our problems.


Kristen Jackson fully supports school choice and putting parents back in charge of their children's education. She will do everything she can to keep mandatory face masks and experimental injections away from the kids and out of the schools. CRT and other divisive teachings also do not have a home here in New Hampshire and Kristen will speak up to make sure they stay out of the classroom to create an actual inclusive, thriving, learning environment.

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